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    Box Plot dimension formatting problem

    Hamish Donald

      Dear All,


      Does anyone know how to widen the gap between the dimension text and the box plot display area ?


      In the attached 7 figure box plot example qvw (using the Call Centre demo qvw data ) the dimension includes the Operator Name and a Nbr of Calls figure , e.g.


      'David Laychak   :  1402'  which is aligned right next to the first symbol on the box plot, an 'x' for the minimum value, like so...


      'David Laychak   :  1402' x-------|


      I'd prefer much more of  a gap like this... 


      'David Laychak   :  1402'        x-------|


      I've tried adding extra trailing spaces to the dimension text but they are ignored ...any way of moving the 0 start point on the expression axis ?, or is there some kind of chr() code that will be recognized as a trailing space ?