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    How to calculate the Avg of fully used Tariffs..??

    dhasharadh goud

      Hi All.


      my issue is bit confusing me. we have Tariffs(ex:mobile recharge plans) which will be sold and consumed we are reporting on consumption so we are tracking how many are consumed in a month, out of which how many are fully consumed (means consumed in the same month completely), Partially consumed (consumed in the 2 months like 15 days in March and 15 Days in April ex: recharged on Mar 15 so validity till Apr 15)


      Now i need Average of Fully consumed passes in a month wise. below are the values look like, Now can any one suggest me how to calculate the avg of days to fully consume passes. thanks in advance.



      the formula we are using is (NUM_OF_FULLY_CONSUMED * NUM_OF_DAYS)/SUM(NUM_OF_DAYS)


      was not sure whether the above is correct or not please suggest.