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    The this.Data.SelectRow(i) method?

      Been scratching my head for a while now.


      How does this function actually work?


      I've done a custom map-sort of extension, using html AREA-tags for defining the interactive areas on an image aswell as jquery for doing some highlighting. I've managed to get it working one way: choosing different fields in the listboxes to show the corresponding areas in the map as highlighted.


      But the other way isn't working. I want to select an area in my map and then automatically select the corresponding fields in the listbox. For example, choosing the area "main park" in my image with an ID of 3 would automatically select the field "3" in my listbox with ID:s.


      To get the simpliest to work, I've tried the following without success.


      Qva.AddExtension('testAreaMaps', function()







      To automatically highlight that field in my listbox when i refresh my extension.


      Any ideas?


      best regards.