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    Grouping dimensions similar to pivot table grouping

    Sivaramakrishnan Sethuraman

      Hi guys.


      I have 2 parameters "coverage days"-dimension and "stock available"-expression for which i am trying to make a graph.


      When i am doing in excel vlookup, i am able to Group it as excel vlookup has the functionality to group when we right click the pivot table. and i can generate graph like below where i have group the stock availability based on coverage days from 0-9 days as 1st group, 10-19days as 2nd group etc.




      One good thing with pivot table is that, it selects the minimum value and maximum value for grouping and we have to give the step value for example 10.


      But i cannot do this grouping qlikview. I need your help to achieve this. Below is my qlikview try for this.




      Also, how much ever i try, i am not able to place the expression label horizontally on top by moving SHIFT+CTRL so that i can widen the graph. But i am not able to achieve this as well. Any good way to solve both these problem? pls helpl