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    Calculate sum of variances for last quarter max month

    Pankaj Sharma

      Hi there,


      I want to create a calculation which sum last moth of previous quarter.


      Create calculation as below but it is not working might be I have variable contains another variable inside. Given below field and variables.

      MonthYear = Month(business_date)&Year(business_date)


      Previous_QTD_Actionable_Variances=    Sum({$<MonthYear={"$(vPreviousQuarterMaxMonth)"}>} ipt_actionable_total)


      vPreviousQuarterMaxMonth=     MONTH(QuarterStart(vMaxBusinessDate)-2)&YEAR(QuarterStart(vMaxBusinessDate)-2)


      vMaxBusinessDate=      =DATE(MAX(business_date))


      Really appreciate, if someone can help.