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    QOQ Comparison

    Arvind Kumar Jha

      Hello members,


      I had a query .

      I have the below dataset :


      Load * Inline [

      TranDate ,Quarter, Sales

      04/04/2017,Q1-18 , 10

      04/07/2017,Q2-18 ,12

      04/03/2018,Q4-18 ,16

      04/04/2018,Q1-19 ,18

      04/12/2017,Q3-18 ,11



      I have a filter and KPI.


      My requirement is suppose i select q1-19 in filter , then KPI should show percent increase/decrease in sales with respect to q4-18 ,if i select q4-18 , then KPI should show percent increase/decrease with respect to q3-18



        • Re: QOQ Comparison
          Punam Wagh

          Try this.



          Load *,

                   '1' as flag

          resident Sales

          Order By TranDate  asc;

          Drop Table Sales;




          previous(Sales) as Prev_Sales

          Resident Temp;

          Drop Table Temp;


          you can use this field on Front end as (Sales-Prev_Sales)/Prev_Sales