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    Using get selected count on a dimension that has an if statement in it.

    Dan Coen

        Hi, I have a dimension in the fitler pane of a dashboard that uses an if so that the current month cannot be selected. See below


      =If(not Match([Fiscal - Period Name], '$(vCurrentPeriodName)'), [Fiscal - Period Name])

      this works well, however, I am also attempting to update the column name with that dimension if it selected. For example, if March is selected the column would say 'March Full Month'


      Below was working fine until I added the IF condition to the dimension. Do you know how I can


      GetSelectedCount([Fiscal - Period Name])>0,

      Only({1<[Fiscal - Period Id]={$(=Max([Fiscal - Period Id]))}>}[Fiscal - Period Name ])&' Full Month')


      How can I get GetSelectedCount to work on a dimension that has an If statement in it?