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    Pie Chart Help

      Hey Everyone,


      I had a question involving pie charts. Im attempting to create a pie chart that uses the latest date entry from a table. Since there are many different entries within the table, i do not know how to direct the pie chart only to select the most recent date entries.


      an example chart

      Entry Date   Reports in Progress   Reports Completed

      5/9/2011                    5                              6

      5/16/2011                  4                              7

      5/23/2011                  7                              5

      5/30/2011                  9                              3

      *6/6/2011                  *5                             *8


      *information i need the chart from


      My goal is a pie chart that, for this week, would display the reports in progress (5) compared to the reports completed (8), yet only using the data entries for 6/6/2011


      i tried playing around with min/max aggregations within dimensions and expressions, and im stumped. Am i missing anything?


      any help is appreciated

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          Patrick Laredo



          try using set nalysis with a set identifier - see attached qvw.


          pie cahrt has no dimensions and two expressions like this:


          max({<EntryDate={'$(=max(EntryDate))'}>}[Reports in Progress])

          max({<EntryDate={'$(=max(EntryDate))'}>}[Reports Completed])



          where entrydate is your date field

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              Hey pat, thanks for getting back to me


              I'm a qlikview personal user, so i couldnt access your sample piechart.


              but i tried what you wrote, creating a chart without dimensions, with the two expressions that you listed, and it came up without data to display.


              The first EntryDate, did you write that as a field, or was I supposed to add the date there?

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                  Patrick Laredo



                  EntryDate is the field you have in your first column in your original post. I cahnges its name because I had to process it a bit in order to create an accepatble date in my qv document.


                  here is how I loaded the data:


                  makedate(right([Entry Date],4),subfield([Entry Date],'/',1),subfield([Entry Date],'/',2)) as EntryDate,  
                  [Reports in Progress] , 
                  [Reports Completed];


                  load * inline
                  Entry Date,   Reports in Progress ,  Reports Completed
                  5/9/2011,                 5     ,                         6
                  5/16/2011,               4     ,                         7
                  5/23/2011,               7     ,                         5
                  5/30/2011,               9     ,                         3
                  6/6/2011,              5     ,                        8


                  use that couple with the expressions and teh cahrt should display like this: