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    Optimizing expression

    Chhavi Singhal

      Hi All,

      I have a situation.

      I am attaching a qlikview file here:

      I have 1 table and 2 filters in my original app(Just like the sample I am attaching here)

      The problem is that the expression (specified below) is taking a lot of time to calculate when the number of patients increases.


      =Pick(Match('['&Type&']',$(=Concat(DISTINCT chr(39)&'['&Type&']'&chr(39), ','))),

        $(=Concat(DISTINCT 'Sum($(vfilter)[' &Type&'])' ,','))




      The application i am developing is in qliksense.

      I have made a Qlikview app and attached here just to give a reference.

      It would be great if anyone has any other way to optimize this.