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    Excel file carry two types under two rows


      Dear Experts!


      As per the two tables where one table carries recovery types under two rows(RECOVERY_BF) but the other file it is shown under two dimensions (CLRECBL & RFCBAL). When both files are loaded, when balances under both types appear, it is appeared twice. Can you please suggest as to how it could be made appear something like below! (Sample case)

      Claim_no                    Recovery_type          Recovery_BF               CLRECBL               RFCBL

      CLAS00TC17000001     Foreign_recovery     100500                         100500                    -

      CLAS00TC17000001     Reinsurance Fund     6000                              -                         6000


      If I am to show as above all cases where balances are appeared under both recovery types, what adjustment to be made!


      Many Thanks