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    Set Analysis - dimension less than another dimension

    Mike HOWARD

      I have sales data for multiple years and I am trying to build a P&L type format with current year in one column and prior year in another.  For the current year, I only have sales up through the current period, but for last year I have a full year worth of sales.  So for last year's sales, I am trying to limit them to only go through the current period.


      Here is the portion of the formula I am using for the last year's sales:


      if(rptColumnPeriod ='Last Year', Sum({<Account2={'Food Sales'}, Account1=,  FY=P([Last Year]), Period={"<=CP"}>} Amount)*-1,


      Period is dimension for our operating periods (1-13).  The table for sales includes this field.


      CP is the a dimension for the current operating period.


      If I remove the Period={"<=CP"} portion of the formula, I get the full years sales.  If I include it, I am getting 0 sales.