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    How to calculate a customer retention volume?

    Xavier Payage



      I am having trouble to syntax something easy on paper. I hope someone will be able to help me out.


      I am trying to calculate the gained, lost and retained customers volume between two periods.

      If we take for example the gained customers, I am already able to figure out which customers have ordered some [Containers] during the current period where they did not ordered during the previous one thanks to the following formula:


      COUNT(DISTINCT(aggr(if(SUM({$<[Date]=p([Current Date]), [Current Period]=>}[Containers]) > 0 and

      SUM({$<[Date]=p([Previous Date]), [Previous Period]=>}[Containers]) <=0, Customer),Customer)))


      I am actually struggling to create a front end formula that would give the number of containers "gained" for these specific customers that are matching the formula above.


      Any help is welcome. Thanks