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    Formatting issue with dimension value "others"

    Steffen Lange

      Hey guys,


      I am experiencing a strange behaviour by QlikView.


      In order to show only the higher value shares in a pie chart, I set the lower limit in the "Presentation" tab of the pie chart to 0.1.

      So as I wanted, QV aggregates the shares of <10% to the value "others".


      But exactly for this artificial value "others", the standard expression format seems to be ignored...


      This was the format before the change:




      This is what I get when I change the lower limit of the presentation:




      Note that only the value "Others" has a different format, the other values are still fine!

      In the "Number" tab of the pie chart I have selected "Expression default".


      This is my expression with the number format:



      num(     count(          {$<UWY = {   $(=max(UWY))      }  > }   distinct VTGNR         )          /      count (          {$<UWY = {   $(=max(UWY))      }  > }   total distinct VTGNR          ) , '#'&chr(39)&'##0.0%', '.' , chr(39))



      Please note:

      Is is not an option for me to override the expression default by any other setting in the "Number" tab, because I change the used expression by a variable and sometimes different number formats apply, which are only defined by the expression itself, controlled by variables.


      I hope I made my problem clear and easy to grasp.

      Thanks in advance for any help!