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    finding dynamic text sequence within a larger text field

    Todd Buss

      I have an ugly database with a text narrative.  Within the narrative, there is a reference to a patient number.  The patient number is always in the format:



      A is any letter A-Z (either capital or lowercase) or any digit

      0 is any numeric character. 

      Total characters is 6.



      A123456, 112112,  b11234


      I think I need to use the findoneof() function, and finding 5 consecutive numeric characters, and then using that position within the string and the Mid() function to select the 6 character patient number.  The coding I'm imagining is so inelegant that I hesitate to begin.  How do I find the first numeric character without searching separately for 1, then 2, then 3, etc.


      any help is appreciated.