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    Assign Professional License user

    Sindhuja Varadharajan

      Hi All,


      Qlik introduced Professional and Analyzer user- Qliksense web server Feb 2018 version


      Can anyone know How to assign Professional license user .We have planned to install this version for the client.


      Kindly share this information to me if anyone know.



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          Sindhuja Varadharajan

          Can anyone share the knowledge on this.

          I am awaiting for your reply.


          Thanks in advance

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            Austin Chiapuzio

            Good afternoon Sindhu,


            We ran into an issue where we have only professional licenses and no tokens. We reached out to Qlik support, the following is what we got back:


            Thanks for your email. We have created Customer Support case to assist you with this request.

            I just got of the phone and this is what we found out:


            • License key xxxxxxxxxxxxxx has x Professional users on it, not tokens. Professional users can be allocated to users in Qlik Sense Version April 2018, which is due to be released this week, I believe.

            With that being said there are two ways to proceed:




            Wait until the April 2018 version is released (again it should be available this week) -- upgrade the server to this version and assign Professional users out so Qlik Sense can be accessed.

            If you plan to use a version prior to April 2018, you will need to work with your rep to see what options are available to add tokens to this license key. Prior to April 2018 releases, only tokens can be used.


            Not sure how we were given licenses to a feature in a version that hadn't been released yet but I suggest you wait until the newest version of Qlik has been released before purchasing these licenses. We have the Feb 2018 version of Qlik installed and as stated above there is no way to allocate the professional licenses until the April 2018 release.


            Hope this answers your question.