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    Making Calculations in Graphs and Charts

      I'm new to Qlikview and am not sure how to do a calculation when creating a chart or graph.  For example, if I am attempting to find out what county from a specific data set saw the largest increase in home value over the past 50 years, I need to do the calcualation: [(max date value) - (min date value)/ (min date value)].  This will show me the percentage increase over the time period.


      However, I have no idea how to perform this calculation in Qlikview, or how to enter the dimensions and/or expressions when setting it up as a line graph in the ChartWizard.


      Any ideas how to do this?  Thanks!

        • Making Calculations in Graphs and Charts

          Hi Flomba


          Once you open your qlikview tool & a new application just right click on the blank chart u'll get some options in those choose New sheet Object and then choose chart in those options and in charts a bar chrt will selected as a default , for your requirement let us assume we are using a line/combo chart and then click on next to add dimensions there try to add country as ur dimension and click on next to enter expression/calculation (try to use date# function)  ...then if you have any specific requirements like way of displaying bars and numbers / colors ... based upon those requirements u can make modifications by clicking next and choosing options ... Once you hit the finish ur bar chart will display on sheet (if you dont have any errors in expressions / dimension ...)


          thanks a lot