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    QlikView Web Parts Resource Requirements



      Our company is in the process of migrating from 8.5 to 10. I've searched the community boards for resource requirements for the web services (specifically Access Point role) and not been able to locate them. I know the old rule in 8.5 was 100 % for the first document load and 10% for subsequent loads. Can anyone tell me if this is still accurate or is this a SWAG?





        • QlikView Web Parts Resource Requirements

          This discussion isn't v 10 specific, but perhaps it can help shed a little light.



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              Thank you for providing the link. The information is helpful. I may be forced (because of budgetary reasons) to consolidate 250 users with 7 documents down from two physical servers to only one. The reason is Q4C was retired as of version 9 and there is no server license upgrade path. During this time I'm planning to virtualize the environment into it's own cluster and the current limitation of VMware 4.1 Ent Plus (largest package) offers 8 way SMP. My concern is that consolidating down to a single server and only providing 8 cores to the QlikView Enterprise guest host will cause system and end user performance issues resulting from CPU wait state because of resource scheduling. The doc sizes are listed below.


              Company A:


              Prod Doc: 256 MB

              Staging Doc: 256 MB


              Company B:


              Prod Doc: 258 MB

              Staging Doc: 24 MB


              Company C:


              Prod Doc: 6 MB

              Staging Doc: 6 MB


              Company D:


              Prod Doc: 232 KB


              I'm not sure if this information helps, I may need to provide additional information and would be more than happy to if need be.


              Thanks again,