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    Is this possible to make?

      problem.pngHi ,


      You can see the above picture...this is something what I am looking forward to create.


      3 different list box containing department name. Now what I want is :


      1) when you select different department name...from different list box, ( I dont know if that s possible or not) then the following race and age graph should display value corresponds to the selections.

      This way you can compare 3 different departments easliy based on age and race based analysis ( I want to give user max of 3 selections).


      2)The charts are identical , i mean those are just 2 copies of age and race based chart. Is there a way to selct 3 different department names from 3 diff list boxs on a same sheet??


      Well , the trellis function is not something I want.


      Any alternative solution would be appreciated.


      Thank you so much.