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    Stacked Bar Chart



      Can anyone help me on this.


      I am having a stacked bar chart. I would like to display the values inside each of the segment and additionally have to display the total value.


      Is this possible.



        • Stacked Bar Chart

          In QV 10, to display the values on each segment of the stacked chart, you can go to Properties -> Presentation the look for the Values on Data Points section, check the Plot Values Inside Segments. One the Properties -> Expression, the Values on Data Points has to be checked as well.


          Caveat to this though, if the bar / segment is small and the value will not fit, QV will automatically hide its values.


          As for the total values, not sure how to do this.


          BTW, will you consider Block Chart or Mekko Chart instead?


          I hope this helps.

          • Stacked Bar Chart
            Srinivasa Devadiga

            Hey check values on data ponits in experssion properties and presention properites check plot values inside segment.

              • Stacked Bar Chart

                Hi Srinivasa1,


                Thanks for your response. I was able to get the values inside segments by using the Presentation tab. The problem is I am not able to display both the value inside segments and the total value of each bar simultaneously. I am able to get only one of them at a time. Either the total or show individual values inside segments.