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    How to use Run only between option?

    sivanagamallika gaddam



      I have scheduled one task by using Run only between trigger option.

      The task has to run for every 3:30 hrs between 9:30 to 14:00.

      First day it started at 9:30 next run at 13:00

      second day   it started at 10:00 next run at 13:30

      third day it started at 10:30 next run at 14:00

      Fourth day it started at 11:00

      Fifth day it started at 11:30



      upto 14:00

      then next cycle is repeating.

      I want to know why this schedule is not starting at exact 9:30 and why it is delaying every day for 30 min to start. Is it not possible to schedule by using run only between option.

      can anyone tell me.