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    Dynamic dimension in set analysis

    Prashant Sancheti

      Hi team,


      • I have one dimension as customer  and the measure as sum({<[customer={"=Sum([discount])>=1000"} >}sales)


      • Now i want that dimention value to be dynamically vary based on user selection.


      • I have one listbox (cliember selection list box extension") where user can select the dimension which he wants.and this will be stored in variable vSelectedDimension.


      • I have created a one variable vDynamicDimension   which will return actual dimension value.

                if( vSelectedDimension='Customer'   ,[Customer], if( vSelectedDimensionr='Region' ,[Region] ))

      • Now i am trying to use $(vDynamicDimension) as dimesion and

              Sum({<[vDynamicDimension={"=Sum([discount])>=1000"} >}sales) as measure

      • But the result in both expression is coming different. What could be the reason?