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    Unable to get the ticket from QVS 10 SR1 using .Net

    susant Kumar swain

      Our application is integrating .Net screen with the QV screen.  We are trying to acheive this by passing the user credentials(which are authorised in .Net) to


      QV and trying to receive a ticket from QV.  At present, we are unable to receive the ticket from QVS.  The error we are getting is 'Empty Request' or 'File Not


      found, Code 20'.  When we try accessing the QVSViewClient.aspx, we are receiving the above errors, but while trying to access GetTicket.aspx, we get an


      error, 'Resource or page file not found'.  We have tried all approaches suggested in the forum for this kind of error.  Though it has solved for others, none of


      these approaches seem to be working for us.  Please suggest if we are missing any configuration settings or any other.


      here are the options we have tried


      1)  http://Servername/QvAJAXZfc/qvsviewclient.aspx?cmd=<Global method="GetTicket"><UserId>247282</UserId></Global>


      Here we are getting the error  "'Empty Request' or 'File Not  found, Code 20'.



      2) http://Servername/QvAJAXZfc/getticket.aspx?cmd=<Global method="GetTicket"><UserId>264375</UserId></Global>


      Here we are getting the error  "Webpage Can not be found".


      Any help is appreciated. 


      Thanks in  advance.

          • Unable to get the ticket from QVS 10 SR1 using .Net
            Daniel Rozental

            Try something like this, if IIS doesn't work try QlikView Webserver.


                    Dim request As WebRequest = WebRequest.Create("http://" + qvshost + "/QvAjaxZfc/GetTicket.aspx?admin=")

                    Dim str As String

                    str = "<Global method='GetTicket'><UserId>" + username + "</UserId></Global>"

                    request.ContentLength = str.Length

                    request.Method = "POST"

                    request.Credentials = CredentialCache.DefaultCredentials

                    Dim writer As New StreamWriter(request.GetRequestStream())



              • Unable to get the ticket from QVS 10 SR1 using .Net
                susant Kumar swain

                We are not using the IIS, we are using the QVWS.


                We tried the approach that you have mentioned also.  This does not give the desired results.


                The environment that we are using is as follows.  QVWS is hosted on one machine and we are trying to access the QV files from a different system.  The 'qvshost' is replaced with the server name in our case.


                When we tried accessing this from the url,

                http://Servername/QvAJAXZfc/getticket.aspx?cmd=<Global method="GetTicket"><UserId>264375</UserId></Global>, we get the error that the 'webpage is not found'.


                We tried accessing a different page to find if we are able to access the server.  This we acheived by using the url,

                2) http://Servername/QvAJAXZfc/qvsviewclient.aspx?cmd=<Global method="GetTicket"><UserId>264375</UserId></Global>.

                At this point, we get an xml output which gives us an error, 'empty request'.


                In both the above urls, we also hae tried using 'admin' instead of 'cmd'.


                Also, the QVWS is in DMS mode and the users are present in the QVAdmin group.


                In the server, we did not find the file, GetTicket.aspx.  Should this page be existing at the time of installation or do we need to create this page.  Are we missing any other access rights?  Should we add the users in the QVAdmin group in the web.config file of the .Net application in the <impersonate> section?


                Please let us know if we are missing anything.


            • Unable to get the ticket from QVS 10 SR1 using .Net
              Dan English

              Hi qliksus,


              Here are a few tidbits that might be helpful.


              The call to qvsviewclient is obselete in QV10. For security purposes we are no longer allowing direct admin connections to qvsviewclient. you now need to call getticket.aspx on your QVWS machine. This call needs to be a POST as a GET is not allowed.


              The caller also must be able to resolve as a member of QlikView Administrators on the QVS machine.





              • Unable to get the ticket from QVS 10 SR1 using .Net

                Don't know if you've found your answer but here're some tidbits I've found for this issue.


                The GetTicket.aspx page should be located in the Ajax client folder (QlikView\Server\QlikViewClients\QlikViewAjax\)

                Since QV 9, the only command I was able to get working for issuing tickets is with your second command:

                http://qlikview.telogical.com/QvAJAXZfc/GetTicket.aspx?cmd=<Global method="GetTicket"><UserId>USERNAME</UserId></Global>

                A thing that helped me debug the correct way to call this page is by checking the server log files under QlikTech\WebServer\Log\. You can see the GetTicket call and whether it successfully returns a ticket.


                We are also using it under DMS mode and the username is tied to an Active Directory name so it's actually domain\username in place of "USERNAME" for us.