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    Different presentation behavior on two machines

    Oleg Troyansky

      Hi everyone,


      I'm trying to understand the reason for a different behavior experienced on different machines, on the same version of Qlik Sense Desktop (same is happening on Qlik Cloud as well).


      On one machine, hovering over a chart, brings up the icons on top of the chart and hovering over a chart value (a bar, for example) brings up a pop-up with the values of the Dimension and of the Measure. Right-click on the chart opens a rectangular context menu (see screen shot).


      On another machine, hovering over a chart does nothing, as well as hovering over a chart value. Clicking on the value brings up the pop-up, along with the selection bar. Right-click on the chart brings up the same icons, but not as a rectangular menu. Instead, the icons are presented in a circle.


      Both machines are running Windows 10 and the latest version of Qlik Sense Desktop (April 2018). I tried it in the Qlik Sense Desktop itself, and in Chrome, and in Internet Explorer. Same behavior is experienced on the Qlik Cloud, which I believe is running the previous version of Qlik Sense...


      Any ideas why is it happening, and how to solve it (I'd like to see the pop-up come up when hovering, on both machines).


      thank you!


      Oleg Troyansky