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      I want to create a hyperlink to move an object on a sheet to another sheet (tab) within the same application.


      For example:

      I have a application named as Test.qmv

      It has got 5 sheets.

      Sheet 1 is a Dash board and contains 4 charts(each chart displaying different things).

      Sheet 2-5 are the details of each chart on sheet 1. For example first chart on sheet 1 gives sales count by country. The corresponding details of this chart will be found on sheet 2. Similarly for chart 2 details would be found on sheet 3 and so on.


      What i want to do is create a hyperlink on chart 1 so that whenever someone uses that he should be able to go to sheet 2 as mentioned in the example above.

      Please let me know if this is possible

      Please let me know if i am not clear on as to what I am looking for


      Thank you very much for trying