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    Showing unselected values in a chart.

      HI all,


      I have an application that provides data on a particular survey. Respondents can answer on a number of products, say a, b,c,d. They can selected any number of these 4. What I want to do is show this data in a chart such that for each product I have a bar showing  a count of those RespIDs who selected the product and another bar showing a count of those doctors that didin't select the product.


      I've attached a small app that shows what I'm trying to accomplish and would appreciate anyones feedback. The first part is easy and I've done this, it's the second bit eg: identify a count of those respondents that didn't select the product. I tried using 1-$ but there are mulitple other filters in the app that I need to include so cant take this approach.


      ANy help/ideas would be greatly apprecated.