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    QDF: Shared container paths -- problem when copying from Development to Test/Production

    Drilon Pollozhani

      Hey everyone!


      I recently deployed an app into the QDF and created a three layered Dev-Test-Prod environment for it. Upon making some adjustments to the Development app, I copied it to the two other locations. When I did so, all paths (vG.*) were correctly changed except the Shared paths, which remained with its reference to the Development folder.


      As shown in the variable overview within the Production app, for instance:





      I thought the inclusion of the InitLink.qvs file was supposed to make sure that this did not happen. Now I must call the LCGV subroutine in the Test and Production locations in order to correctly name all the Shared paths.


      Has this happened to any of you? Any ideas why it might happen?


      By the way, I'm using QlikView, as some might have guessed already.


      Thanks in advance.