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    QRS API POST Connection via Qlik Sense only

    Sandeep Roy

      My scenario: I am trying to get the reload task details from QMC into QlikSense App via Get Method in REST Connector.

      It is working fine. Then I want to do some task to start as per POST method by QRS API call. I am getting http error: 403 asking to first for the authentication and then to POST it. I have installed Qlik Client certificate into my user account machine and thus tried with export file.  Attached screenshot.

      One more doubt: Do I have two API connections (GET & POST) inside the script or only using one connection (GET & WITH Conn.) ??


      Any suggestions would be helpful !! This scenario is working fine in POSTMAN handling Cookie Session for the proxy to authenticate.

      But I want to implement it in Qlik Sense App directly. I am using Qlik Sense Desktop version Feb 2018.


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