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    Sheet triggers?

      Hi all,


      I have two separate loads in my Qlikview document. Load1 data is displayed on 'Sheet 1' and Load2 data is displayed on 'Sheet 2'. When 'Sheet 2'

      is activated i want to trigger code/or a macro that looks up a value in 'Sheet 1' (the user can change this selection as it a menu item) and compares it to a column in Load2, this will then define the data to diplay in 'Sheet 2'.


      Does anyone know if this is possible?, i.e. can i trigger some form of logic when a sheet is loaded comparing two datasets which in turn modifies the values on the current sheet.

      In relation to the logic, in simple form, i am trying to do the following;


      If Load1.colour1= "Blue" then Load2.Colour2="Blue".  I want this to filter to all the data on Sheet2.


      I hope this makes sense,


      thanks in advance,