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    How to configure my virtual proxy to acess all streams?

    Mário Rodrigues



      I had to configure a new virtual proxy because i wasnt able to perform some methods from the repositor API. Now i was listing my existing Apps with a GET method similar to this: http://XX.dm.pt/MyVirtualProxy/qrs/app/full?Xrfkey=12345678zwertyup. I can retrieve results but i notice that i can only retrieve data related to Apps that have stream name  property to "Everyone", like this:

              "stream": {

                  "id": "a70ca8a5-2dw1-4cc9-b5fa-6e207978dcaf",

                  "name": "Everyone",

                  "privileges": null



      How can i configure my virtual proxy in order to get all streams, not just the ones to configured to "Everyone"??