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    Question for Qlik functions - feasibility

    Jenna Jo

      Hi, I'm Jenna.


      I'd like to ask about function of Qlik.

      Since I'm a beginner of Qlik, I want to know about feasibility about my idea.


      Is it possible to create weekly l report / dashboard by using Qlik Sense?


      1) I create form of dashboard

      2) I download source file

      3) Adapt source file into form of dashboard.

      4) Dashboard is created.

      5) 1 week later, I download updated source file,

      Form of dashboard is already created.

      6) I just adapt newly downloaded updated source file into already created dashboard.

      Then new dashboard is just created.


      So, what I want to check is

      1) If I created dashboard form, 2) I just update source file 3) Then Dashboard is updated. without any additional manual work, just adapting new source file.



      Thanks for your response in advance. 

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          Aun Ahsan

          Hi Jenna,

          As long as the structure of the new files Hasn't changed and the names of the fields are the same. there shouldnt be any problem. you can go one step further and concatenate your new data to the old and keep both!.




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            Sumit Kulkarni

            Hi Jenna,


            If you are taking about qlik sense desktop then you have to open the app and go into the Data Load Editor and click the Load Data button. Providing the folder connection path is pointing to the same location where the file is located, they would not need to change this.


            In the Qlik Sense full platform (server) and  Qlik Sense Cloud Business, data refresh are done on a scheduled basis or as needed.

            Thank you!

            Best Regards,

            Sumit Kulkarni