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    Auto update logo of Nprinting report

    vivek anand

      I have  a report of 10 different countries. I have created a filter to select a particular country report.

      Ex: country :- india,pak ,usa,uk,china,australia

      I have a single report of all these countries.

      I have am selecting filter of India then only india report is displaying.

      Now our requirement is:-


      On the top of nprinting report i want to add an automatic log for each country .


      For example:- I have select INDIA filter then report should display only INDIA report and it should also display LOGO of INDIA of the top of report.


      Similarly for others:-


      If i select USA filter then it should display USA report only and it should auotmatically upto the logo from INDIA to USA LOGO



      How I can I do this?