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    Get IDs from names from embedded visualizations

    Tomas Edstrom


      We are using Qlik Sense and are integrating visualizations in the webpage.


      Let's say we have a Customer table (CustomerID and CustomerName) and an Order table (OrderID, OrderNumber, CustomerID, Details). The tables have been associated by the CustomerID.

      We have one  Table Chart showing Customers (Names) and one showing Orders. Selecting a Customer Name will show that Customer's Order(s). The selection bar will show the selected Customer's Name.

      We catch the selection change in javascript code and want to do some other things based on this selection outside Qlik.

      The "normal/traditional" way to handle this is to use the CustomerID instead of the CustomerName.

      As far as I understand, there is no support for handling "key/value" in Qlik.

      Is there any smooth way to get the CustomerID in code? Something in the Capability API?


      Vice versa is also of interest, i.e. select a Customer from code based on the CustomerID. It is possible, but the CustomerName will not be selected in the visualization and the selecton bar will show the CustomerID selection (totally user unfriendly).