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    Qlikview Webserver - Logout and login with Another account

    Tim Webber

      I have a user that is automatically authenticated by the webserver with a service account that they used once to login to the access point portal.  They do not want to use this account now but cannot logout.  How do you logout of one account from access point so that you can login to another?   The user is using IE version 8.  Authenticaion is through active directory.


      Here's what I have tried:

      1. we have the authentication on the webserver set to "Login" - it was "Always" but i saw a post in the community that suggested "Login" would force the webserver to prompt for authentication
      2. the user cleared IE's cache and deleted cookies.
      3. I suggested the user Go to Tools option in the internetexplorer.---->Go to Security---->Internet---->Go to Custom--->Go tothe User Authentication and check the prompt for User and Password only


      What else could be preventing QV from prompting her with an authentication dialogue box?