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    Section Access different behaviour Publisher vs. Developer

    Christian Schlettig

      Hello community,


      i'm developing a rather complicated section access at a clients site.

      the latest application has the following strange behaviour.

      Version is QV9 SR7 Server is W2K8. All services are running as domain\qvserver user. Server is clustered on two physical machines.

      When i reload the application in qv developer under the qlikview publishers user account (domain\qvserver) on the remote desktop on that server every reduction is properly made. the resulting application is around 65MB in size. In that case i can make that user see everything or only some bits of the data just as i configure in the section access. This is controlled via a separtly saved xls file.


      When i put a simple reload and distribute to folder task in the publisher, which is also running under (domain\qvserver) the resulting application is around 2MB and access is denied for nearly every user - also normal end users.


      Has anybody seen this behaviour - i thought ntname would be the only disguise for such reloads.