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    Strange behavior in QlikSense trying to create 100% stacked bar

    John Ilett

      I have a really simple set analysis expression below that is dividing current value vs total value to give a % out of 100.

      sum([Value])/sum(TOTAL {<[GroupName]=>} [Value])


      For some reason when I plot this on a bar chart with 2 dimensions: Period Quarters (PeriodQTRName) + Group (GroupName) it breaks the 100% total by each of the 4 quarters. So if you total all the % (28.0 + 27.1 + 26.9 + 18.1) = 100%. I





      And If I just filter for 1 quarter it is working correctly:




      I want it to be 100% for each of the quarters. Any ideas why this is happening and how to fix this?