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    Monthly data append without rewriting the previous month data

    Ipsita Mahapatra

      Hello All,

      I got a requirement which is like a bit tricky. Please bear with me to explain.

      Actually I am pulling data from SAP BW system into a QVD file which  runs in weekly basis.
      Now the requirement is the data which is pulled in every week will rewrite the existing data for the entire month. However, as soon as the month changes the data of next month will be appended to the previous month and stored in QVD.


      Say for example: Report gets run in the first week of March and data is stored in qvd. When it will run in the second week it should rewrite the data of first week and likewise. After running the last week data of March and started for first week of April then it should store data of entire March month and append the data of First week of April.

      Again when report is running for April it should work as the same as March means data will rewrite for April month but the March data will be as it is. Data storing is considered in qvds.


      Month - March

      Data load -  1st week of March

                          2nd week of March - data rewrite

                          3rd week of March - data rewrite

                          4th week of March - data rewrite

      Month changes to April. Now March data should be stored as it is. It should not rewrite when data loaded for April month.

      Month - April

      Data load - 1st week of April - Fresh data of April month need to be added to previous month.

                          2nd week of April - data rewrite and like wise.

      Can anyone please suggest how to achieve this requirement. What could be the correct approach to do.

      Let me know if any of that needs clarification.

      Any help or suggestion would be much appreciated.

      Thanks and Regards,