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    Bar Plus Color Expression

    Shivali Dutta

      Hi All


      I am trying to implement the Bar Plus extension Qlik Branch in my application because my requirement is to display the individual values on the stacked bar but I cannot set the color expression to my chart.


      Can anyone please help me with the solution?


      The color expression I am using is mentioned below:


      if(NewDays_Bucket = '0-90', rgb(216,191,216),

      if(NewDays_Bucket = '90-180', rgb(186,85,211),

      if(NewDays_Bucket = '180-365', rgb(255,185,92),

      if(NewDays_Bucket = 'Above 365',rgb(255,99,71)))))



      where NewDays_Bucket is my Dimension and I am using 2 dimensions:


      1. Department Name

      2. NewDays_Bucket