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    Don't show 0 values in line chart (CY sales, LY sales, Goal sales comparison)

    José Espinoza

      Hi there everyone,


      Again here I am with another Qlik related question. This time about line charts. The deal is I'm putting a line chart to compare this year's sales, this year's sales goal and the last year's sales. Sounds like a pretty basic idea, but when I put it together it looks like this.



      My issue here is that I don't want "Sales CY $" and "Sales Goal $" to drop to zeros, I want them to stop at their current location. Something like this:




      I already unchecked the zeros option in "Data Handling," but the zeros and the line going down won't disappear. Here are my measures:

      -Sales CY: Sum([Sales])

      -Sales Goal: Sum( {< date_num={">=$(vDatenumMin_CY)<=$(vDatenumJuneEnd_CY)"}>}  [Sales Goal])

      -Sales LY: Sum( {< date_num={">=$(vDatenumMin_LY)  <=$(vDatenumYearEnd_LY)"}>}  [Sales])


      I also tried setting a range starting from 0,01, and the zeros disappeared, but the line going down didn't. Any help will be well received and thanks for your time.