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      What is EDX an what is the use of it

        • EDX
          Daniel Rozental

          27.5 Triggering EDX Enabled Tasks

          In order to start the tasks that have an external event as trigger, you must make two POST type request

          calls to the QlikView Distribution Service that has been assigned the task. The user making the request

          calls must be member of the local group QlikView Administrators or QlikView EDX. The QlikView

          Administrators group is set up during installation of QlikView Server, but the QlikView EDX group you

          must create yourself in Computer Management. A member of the QlikView EDX group has only the

          right to trigger an EDX enabled task.

          • Re: EDX

            Event Driven Execution (EDX) allows the running of QlikView batch jobs based on external events. The primary usage of EDX is to have an external scheduler or Extract,Transform, and Load (ETL) tool (for example, Informatica) run QlikView batch jobs as part of a larger batch process. There are also other use cases, forexample, triggering a QlikView batch when a file arrives and user-initiated batches.