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    100% Bar chart with 2 dimensions and one measure

    Tirumal Dhulipudi

      Hi All,

      Is it possible to create a 100% stacked bar with 2 dimensions and 1 measure


      I have a bar chart with some sales value for 2 years.


      Required: Create alternate measure to fit in fig 1 to show 100% split between products (as shown in Fig 3)


      What I am getting is Fig 2 split between years as alternate measure.


      I can create 4 measures to get total to 100% but its not ideal as I will be duplicating 10 graphs for # and %.



      Sales report.JPG


      Fig 1 measure: Sum(Sales)

      Fig 2:  Sum(Sales) /sum(total <Year> Sales)

      Fig 3:

      Currently creating 4 measure for each product:

      num(sum({$<Product={'P1'} >} Sales)

      /sum({<Product= {'P1','P2','P3','P4'}>}Sales),'#,##0%')


      Is there any way I can create a one measure to get these split for products to be 100% with 2 dimensions.