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    Dear Qlik What happened to QlikSense April 2018 authentication ?

    Paul Scotchford

      Dear Qlik,


      Please help us out a bit here with the April 2018 QlikSense desktop release !


      We upgraded a desktop version Feb 2018 with April 2018 on a Win 7 PC.


      Prior to this upgrade there were no issues with login via Qlik credentials - local development.


      Immediately after the upgrade the below credential error was displayed using the same Qlik Login as per our earlier version.


      I did not read anything in the release notes suggestion something might need changing on the PC in question, consequently we have reverted to Feb 2018 without issue, hence are we missing something?


      We are keen to test the new mapping capability in this new release.


      Btw: We tried a clean install of April 2018 to no avail.





      Qld Health (Bris, Australia)