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    Connect to Qlik App

    arul settu

      Hi i was trying to connect qlik engine API using python


      How to connect python to Qlik sense server with certificates authentication?


      I can connect to qlik successfully. and i tired to get  the list of apps available in qlik server


      {'params': [], 'handle': -1, 'name': 'GETAPPLIST', 'method': 'GetDocList'}


      it gives the list of apps. after that i was trying to open or connect to the app using below json



          "method": "OpenDoc",

          "handle": -1,

          "params": [







      it throws error like


      {"jsonrpc":"2.0","id":0,"error":{"code":1003,"parameter":"Could not find app","message":"App not found"}}


      when i doing same in Engine Explorer it was opening the app. but through above code its not working


      Can some one help here to solve the issue