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    Exception Report with Slider Range selection Selection Restriction in Alternate Dimension

    Suhasini Metri

      Hi Gurus,


      I want to create a exception report ,

      below are the following conditions to be considered,

      1.I will use slider for sales range selection

      2. I should display the Distributor name whose Current Month Sales is less Than Last Month sales

      and also it should be between Slider range selected.

      3.I have Used Alternate State Distributor_A



      Dimension:To Display Distributor Name, i have used the below expression.


      and Sum({<DistributorName=p(Distributor_A)>}CM_Sales)>sum({<DistributorName=p(Distributor_A)>}LM_Sales),DistributorName),



      But the selections are still not restricted,with respect to Distributor Name(if i select Distributor Name the values should not change).

      the values should change only when Distributor_A is selected.



      Please help me on this.


      Thanks and Regards

      Suhasini G. Metri