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    How to calculate months with missing records

    Jason Zhu

      I would like to calculate the cumulative monthly quantity over the course of the year. So when I try using the below formula to create my table i get the following output, which is not quite what I wanted:


      Data (example): Note that not every Year-Month has a recorded quantity for given product




      RangeSum(Above(TOTAL Sum([Qty]), 0, RowNo(TOTAL)))



      Help Qlik Cum.png


      1) I would like the cumulative counter to set back to 0 in the beginning of every year

      2) For months without records (the grey), I would like it so that 0 is added to the cumulative sum. So for example BCG in 2016-Jan is 1,300,000, and I would like BCG in 2016-Feb to be 1,300,000 (so 1,300,000 + 0)

      3) There is no row for 2017-Jan because there are no records for any of the products that Year-Month. But I would like all the columns for that Year-Month to be 0.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated!!