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    Setting up access through ISA server 2006

      I am having issues setting up a Qlikview server to be accessed from the Internet through an ISA server (reverse proxy using Active Directory Authentication).  Hopefully someone here has some ideas as I've tried qlikview support with no luck.  Everything works on the internal network, so the hiccup seems to be the ISA server.



      Here is the issue:


      I am stuck on getting the actual QVW to display.  I am able to login, but once I select the document I get a page with the following:


      qvp://qlikview/XXXX.qvw?iis_authenticate=XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX&tunneler=https://reports.domainname.com:4443/QVSTunnel.dll?host?qlikview could not be opened



      I believe it is something to do with the naming of the server as you connect to reports.domainname.com instead of the servername(qlikview).  Records in DNS for qlikview and reports both point to the same IP. 



      Other info:


      Using HTML Form Authentication to Active Directory.  Single Sign On is enabled.

      IE plugin preferred

      On a client running fiddler I get a couple of 302 and 304 HTTP error codes upon login, but as I understand those aren't necessarily bad.  There's nothing like a 404 in there, just 200's and the 302/304.



      Thanks in advance for any help!  I can answer any questions if I haven't provided enough info.