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    Problem set analysis using QuarterStart

      For an application I want to show data from the currently selected quarter and from previous quarters based on the selection. I've create a field StartQuarter within the master Calendar which hold the juliandate for the start of the Quarter. Now I use the set analysis displayed below.


      Current month:


      =SUM({$<StartQuarter = {$(=QuarterStart(StartQuarter,0)*1)}>}SumSales)


      Previous Month:


      =SUM({$<StartQuarter = {$(=QuarterStart(StartQuarter,-1)*1)}>}SumSales)


      I know that for the first expression the set analysis is unnecessary but I did this for uniformity. The problem with the expression is that it won't display the value when I use -1 instead of 0 for the QuarterStart command. I checked the output from the QuarterStart outside the set analysis and it does return the correct JulianDate however it won't work in the set analysis. Any suggestions?