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    Qliksense iphone app error popup coming on opening dashboard

    Muhammad Raza

      Hello guys,


      We are facing strange issue only in mobile app. Mobile app was working fine a week before. Besides mobile app Qliksense works fine (with mobile web browser or desktop browser).


      After login using the app when any dashboard is opened an error popup "Unable to connect to Qliksense engine. Possible cause too many connections, the service is down or networking issues." is displayed and if you press ok it persists 3 or 4 or may be more than 4 times and then finally you can see the dashboard.

      Fro resolution we upgraded Qliksense to the latest April release but after upgrade it became worse the message was still persisting and we were not able to see the dashboard doesn't matter how many times you are tapping ok and refresh. The message text also changed to something else.

      Then we restored the vm to old Sept release and upgraded to November release. Now we are still facing the same issue the message is still persisting.

      The behaviour is same using the local network or using the public IP. Using AD user or local system user.

      There is one more point which I want to highlight. When you access Qliksense 1st time after installing the app it doesn't display any error message and behaves normally. But 2nd time and on wards this behaviour is seen. We have verified this behaviour it in two different devices.


      The mobile app works fine on Qliksense demo app deployed on Qliksense cloud.


      In QMC we are allowing http and accessing the app through http port for ios devices.

      Has someone here faced the similar issue before? We have no clue what is the culprit behind this issue, maybe some firewall (WAF or barracuda), some gateway?