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    Date filters

    Yohay Weisblatt


      I'm very new to Qlik Sense  (I'm using Qlik Sense Desktop)

      I have data with Dates columns with the format of dd/m/yyyy hh:mm (e.g. 23/1/2016 23:25)

      Is there a way with not much scripting to add filters on this column that will show only -" Today's data", "This week's data", "This year's data" ?

      I was searching the community and saw some syntax that should be relevant but couldn't incorporate it successfully .

      I tried to add a filter object with the syntax =[my date column] =Date(Today()-30)  and so but it didnt seems to work



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          Serina Wong

          Hi Yohay,


          What exactly is it that you're looking to do?


          If you're just looking to create filters in the front end of the app. A super easy way to do this would be to create 3 filter panes on your sheet:

          1. Floor(Date) ; this will return just the date field ex. 2018/4/30
          2. Week(Date) ; this will return the week which the date is in
          3. Year(Date) ; this will return the year

          And then the user looking at the app can simply select the year, week or date they wish to see.