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    Sorting a calculated dimension

    Sofia Vaz

      Hi all,


      i'm trying to sort a calculated dimension using the expression bellow:


      =Match(if(InventoryFrozenDispDays>='-21' and InventoryFrozenDispDays<'-15', '3 weeks',

        if(InventoryFrozenDispDays>='-29' and InventoryFrozenDispDays<'-22', '4 weeks',

          if(InventoryFrozenDispDays>='-37' and InventoryFrozenDispDays<'-30', '5 weeks',

                if(InventoryFrozenDispDays>='-45' and InventoryFrozenDispDays<'-28', '6 weeks',

                  if(InventoryFrozenDispDays<'-48', '+7 weeks'))))),'3 weeks','4 weeks','5 weeks','6 weeks','+7 weeks')


      Unfortunately it isn't working... The order displayed is  '3 weeks','4 weeks','6 weeks','+7 weeks','5 weeks'. Do you have any idea what I might be doing wrong?


      Thank you,


      Sofia Vaz

        • Re: Sorting a calculated dimension
          Sunny Talwar

          Try using dual for your calculated dimension and sort numericallu


          =if(InventoryFrozenDispDays>='-21' and InventoryFrozenDispDays<'-15', Dual('3 weeks', 1),

            if(InventoryFrozenDispDays>='-29' and InventoryFrozenDispDays<'-22', Dual('4 weeks', 2),

              if(InventoryFrozenDispDays>='-37' and InventoryFrozenDispDays<'-30', Dual('5 weeks', 3),

                    if(InventoryFrozenDispDays>='-45' and InventoryFrozenDispDays<'-28', Dual('6 weeks', 4),

                      if(InventoryFrozenDispDays<'-48', Dual('+7 weeks', 5))))))