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    Formula Help

    Thomas Williams



      Can anyone please advise what the issue is here with my formula syntax please as I can't get it to work.


      sum(if(match([Personal],'Ian','Tom'),[Personal]),({<DATE_START = {">=$(=yearstart(max(DATE_START)))<=$(=today())"},year=,month=,[CITY] = {'NY'}>} Total_Value)

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          Sunny Talwar

          Try this


          Sum({<[Personal] = {'Ian','Tom'}, DATE_START = {">=$(=YearStart(Max(DATE_START)))<=$(=Today())"}, year, month,[CITY] = {'NY'}>} Total_Value)

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            Akshaya Aditya

            Hi Thomas,


            You are using IF to find whether Personal is Ian and Tom but you are not using that within the expression. Below can be the correct expression


            1 . sum({<DATE_START = {">=$(=yearstart(max(DATE_START)))<=$(=today())"},year=,month=,[CITY] = {'NY'},Personal = {'Ian','Tom'}>}Total_Value)


            2. if(match([Personal],'Ian','Tom'),sum({<DATE_START = {">=$(=yearstart(max(DATE_START)))<=$(=today())"},year=,month=,[CITY] = {'NY'},Personal = {'Ian','Tom'}>}Total_Value))